BIRAKE listed Castle (CSTL)

BIRAKE listed Castle (CSTL)

BIRAKE listed Castle (CSTL)

About Castle (CSTL)

Decentralised Platform for Airdrop Automation.

Welcome to the Airdrop Cloud. The airdrop cloud allows multiple crypto projects and businesses to run a unique airdrop platform under their own branding, domain, and ecosystem all under one interconnected network.

There are three use-cases for the Platform: Users, Projects, and Network Partners.

Users: These are the people who want to make money and learn about projects through claiming free airdrops. Simply sign up to the platform, there’s no cost, and complete very simple tasks to receive airdrops of various coins and tokens.

Projects: These are crypto projects and businesses who wish to have massive social media and community growth. They set up airdrops on the platform to distribute to the users who join and participate based on their individual needs. The Axioms platform has integrated methods to detect bots and aims to prevent them from claiming tokens. This creates added advantages to projects to work with only real humans for real growth.

Network Partners: You run your own business or are an entrepreneur. Make money and provide products to your own community at the same time. Run your own airdrop platform with your own domain, logo, and branding, while simultaneously connected to our network. You gain access to all current and future airdrops, as well as access to the massive userbase across all partners. Generate income for every airdrop you sell.