BIRAKE ZeroFees Account

BIRAKE ZeroFees Account

We are glad to announce a new feature for our platform.

ZeroFees Account

What this means?

Every project listed on Birake Exchange can benefit free of charge of 1 account with 0 fees if you meet the daily required volume of 0.1 BTC, but not exceeding 1 BTC. (Package 1)

If a project wishes to have more than 1 account that can be achieved by paying a very small fee for getting initiated just to avoid abusive usage of it.

For more information check the link below.

The projects that will have more than 10 consecutive days 0 volume, will be automatically delisted.

To activate the free account please contact our colleague Andreea on one of the following communication channels:
Telegram: @andreeamav
Discord: Andreea#7256

Next step is to provide some tools / bots for improving market making activity and increase the activity on Birake Exchange Network.

We wish everyone a prosperous year ahead!