Birake listed AgaveCoin (AGVC)

Birake listed AgaveCoin (AGVC)

Birake listed AgaveCoin (AGVC)

About AgaveCoin (AGVC)

The AgaveCoin token (AGVC) is a 100% utility token created to participate and support the multimillionaire industry of Agave. AgaveCoin Global S.A. is an industrial company that aims to become a worldwide reference producer of Agave and Agave-based products. More than being just an Agave provider, AgaveCoin Global S.A. will revolutionize the Agave market by introducing his own Agave crypto currency.

The AgaveCoin token (AGVC) presents a solution for trade, payment, and transaction for agricultural products and services used in all the production chain of Agave industry.

The Company AgaveCoin Global S.A. aims to participate in the revolution of Agave Industry.

Our main target is to become a reference as a worldwide provider of agave and agave-based products thus to positively impact the environment, the economy and society as whole.

The Agave is a succulent genus within the monocot family Agavaceae. The plant have a large rosette of thick fleshy leaves, each ending generally in a sharp point, and are native to arid and semi-arid regions from the southern USA to northern South America. The most important commercial species is Agave Tequilana, grown for the production of tequila. Although other Agave species has great potential to be developed as a bioenergy crop, bioplastic, cosmetics and medical products.