BIRAKE listed Galactum (GLCM)

BIRAKE listed Galactum (GLCM)

BIRAKE listed Galactum (GLCM)

About Galactum (GLCM)

The Galactum was created to help, all around the world, people who still can’t get treatment or have lack of access to a care center.

We seek to fund medical research in many areas, which are often sorely dying for lack of investors … We have many things that we care about, such as access to care for all the children in the world. We greatly hope that the Galactum will allow us to donate to all these projects.

Among our funding, we will focus to fund research, which currently lacks means and recognition, we will name here the Fibromyalgia. But also many other degenerative diseases.

We offer you a Cryptocurrency that we hope will satisfy you ; we will apply day by day to keep the Galactum up to date, as well as, by proposing new improvements, such as the ability to use the Galactum throughout the world with payment via a CB.

Without you, our project is worthless, because it’s you, the community, which allows to make food of beautiful project. We will do our best to ensure that by contributing to the Galactum project, your efforts are rewarded.