Setup Birake Masternode

Setup Birake Masternode

Step 1 – Make sure you have necessary ammount for a masternode in your wallet

  • check current block at
  • check MN Collateral requirement

Step 1.1 – Download terminal putty from (in windows case)

Step 2 – Go to (or any other vps provider)

  • create a vps server with ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 or 18.04
  • login with putty or with any terminal (digitalocean sent you the credentials on email)
  • clone our install script from our github (

git clone
cd birinstall

  • copy the masternode details for future use

Step 2.1 – run the following command and make sure that the wallet is in sync (block number is close to the latest one from Will take about 30 minutes

birakecoin-cli getblockcount

Step 3 – Go to your desktop wallet and make the transfer

  • go to File -> Receiving address -> New (create new address with label MN1 for example)
  • copy the MN1 address
  • go to Send -> Send the amount from Step1 (in our case 50000 BIR) to MN1 address
  • go to Transactions and check confirmations (!! IMPORTANT !! wait for at least 15 confirmations)

Step 4 – Configure masternode in desktop wallet

  • (4.1) go to Tools -> Debug Console and type “masternode outputs” and copy the output
  • (4.2) go to Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File

Append the following line to the masternode config file


ALIAS – from Step3 (in our case MN1)
PRIV_KEY – from Step2
TXHASH – from Step4.1 (from masternode outputs first value)
OUTPUT_INDEX – from Step4.1 (from masternode outputs second value)

  • (4.3) go to Tools -> Open Wallet Configuration File and add


  • (4.4) restart wallet
  • (4.5) go to Masternodes -> Click on your masternode -> Start Alias