BIRAKE listed Neutron Coin (NTRN)

BIRAKE listed Neutron Coin (NTRN)

BIRAKE listed Neutron Coin (NTRN)

About Neutron Coin (NTRN)

We’re a stable, safe & self-funded proof of stake cryptocurrency that allows you to generate automatic interest, based on the amount you hold.

Automatic Interests
Steady growth of value and volume over time coupled with a decreasing rate of inflation make Neutron a sensible choice for long term staking and solid ROI.

Community Supported
Our Team is as Strong as our Community! With Our Exchanges, 400+ Masternodes Continuously Supporting Our Mission.

Masternode Tech
Proof of stake cryptocurrency advanced users, may operate a “Nucleus Node” to support the network and be paid for the work your node does.

Constant Development
10% of all network production is always directed to the constant development of our wallet, network and features.