BIRAKE listed CoinStudio (CS)

BIRAKE listed CoinStudio (CS)

Birake listed CoinStudio (CS)

About CoinStudio (CS)

CoinStudio is a community about smart contract development (primarily Solidity) and other Crypto tech of interest. Besides developing our own tools, we are providing a platform where people can share their ideas, expertise and get free help on development questions they have around crypto. CoinStudio is also price indicator tool that helps your trades to stay in sane boundaries and is part of a series of projects we have in the works. It is the first product in a series of planned ones, which together will form the CoinStudio ecosystem. It provides different lows and highs based on levels (scale of waves) and is actually a quite handy tool that you can use alongside your trading style.

Token Specs:
• Name: CoinStudio
• Symbol: CS
• Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
• Max. Supply: 60 Million (fixed)
• Decimals: 8
• Max. Distributed Tokens: 51%
• Reserved Tokens: 49%
• Initial CS value: $0.80 / CS
• Token Contract: 0xCa80D94F6815f7E2585749b4ccEB925D9EfcD8aC (Etherscan verification pending)
• White Paper: