BIRAKE listed Apollon (XAP)

BIRAKE listed Apollon (XAP)

BIRAKE listed Apollon (XAP)

About Apollon (XAP)

Apollon Coin is a Tech-Coin, which brings valueable tools to the masternode community

Description, what we do, an executive summary:

Masternode operators have two big challenges: Firstly the lack of tooling to ensure 24/7 operation: There is no superordinate watching tool which helps gathering all the relevant masternode information into one place. There are some out there, but they are separated coin wise. It’s getting problematic in case you want to watch different nodes/coins at once. Sure, there are some websites for specific coins, but how to handle them on the go in an easy manner? All in all it’s pretty problematic: No alert systems, no monitoring, bad aggregation of all the relevant node data.
Secondly it’s pretty difficult to get the wallet up and running (especially on Linux) especially for beginners. Cloning GitHub repositories, compiling the wallet, etc. – all these tasks are not that easy to handle.

We know, this is one factor slowing down the growth of the whole masternode community. This is bad for all the masternode coins out there. Many people decide to use a “shared-masternode-service” and get scammed, which is also bad for the whole community.

That’s the point where we join the game! We offer a comprehensively watching tool for all your active nodes on the go (Smartphone, PC, Mac) including an alert system if a node is down or another unpredicted event happened. Get notifications if masternode or staking rewards come up and so on. Our software is now at an advanced beta stage and beginning of Q2 / 2018 we launch the official beta phase for 100 testers.

The second available tool is our so called “Node-Builder”. The Node-Builder enables you to build a Linux masternode within seconds instead of complicated “35-steps to success” tutorials. We launch this tool for free for our XAP coin but also sell this tool to other masternode coin operators.

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